The Imperfect newsletter is named as a reminder that perfect is the enemy of done.

This is a newsletter about shipping creative work, finding your own personal meaning and joy in the world, and building a life that you love - perfect or (most likely) not.

It’s about rejecting the traditional 9-5-corporate-ladder-climbing goals we’re told to chase and instead going after what you really want. It’s about playing your infinite game of life. It’s about you doing you.

I’m Mike - a career coach and all-round creative-dabbler (be it photography, writing, or podcasting). Last year I decided to take on the projects I’ve always dreamed of but never dared to do, and this newsletter is one of them. Often, the thing that stopped me was fear. Fear that my work would not be good enough to share, not perfect enough.

With Imperfect I decided to tackle that head on, and even embrace it. This newsletter, just like everything else, is imperfect. I’m using this newsletter as a place to share my learnings, reflections, and resources as I go. I write about creativity, about launching a business, starting a podcast, making videos, and even publishing this newsletter.

I share everything completely transparently along the way - the learnings, resources, mistakes, the financials - all of it.

If this sounds interesting to you, then subscribe and join me on the imperfect journey.

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This newsletter isn't perfect, and neither are you. Imperfect celebrates shipping creative work and building passion-projects without the trappings of perfection. Sharing learnings on creativity, careers, solopreneurship, and everything in-between.


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